What I know for sure….

What an ending to 2017!!! Welcome to Houston!!!

I’ve realized a lot this year.  A relocation , A few tragic quick deaths in the family , a hurricane, a flu that would not go away….and people who needed my help!!!!

I learned that you cannot predict life and it will ” happen” to you. I also learned that I can be grumpy in the storm or ” still” in the storm and listen.

There were two types of storms going on…One on the outside ( Hurricane Harvey) and one on the inside ( Hurricane Flu) and neither of them were giving up.

This time I truly felt so bad that I just stayed still. I heard a lot though and I think the biggest lesson was being ok with not knowing everything. I did not know when I would get well, I did not know when I would feel good enough to write this all down…..and I did not know why it was all happening. I did however pray diligently for people’s lives to be saved, homes to be spared and pets to be rescued.  Some of these prayers were answered and others were not. Some people lost everything !!!

People try to judge other people’s path but what I have learned is that everyone’s journey is very unique. It’s our own little path and each person we love plays a part in it.

We don’t know why God leads us to ” the desert”,  or the “the flood” like this hurricane caused.

God is there though and there are a lot of talks during these times.  I find that He has a great sense of humor and we do laugh a lot at the ironies of life.

This time is a healing time and a trusting time. People are repairing their lives.  People are pulling together and moving forward. I did not even know I’d be close to a hurricane in my lifetime let alone help all these people that it affected.  It also affected me greatly with my own health and many people were sick for months.

These hurricane survivors hold deep stories of “bravery” and “courage”. I am in awe of how they keep going and don’t linger long in the pain.

Surviving the hurricane is enough……but Getting back up and forging a whole new Life is called “Brave” !!!!! #TexasStrong