Image…Putting it all together by Guest Blogger -Jannette


Title: Looking ‘Put Together’ Starts Before You Put Your Clothes On 
Have you ever looked at a person’s outfit and wondered to yourself, “What were they thinking when they put that clothes on?” Have you wondered if they’d given their look any thought or perhaps the clothes just magically threw itself on the body and therefore the person was at the mercy of the clothes and had no choice but to simply walk out of the house with a random selection of articles worn simply to cover the body?
The truth is, some days I have left the house with random articles worn to simply cover my body. I have stood there at the closet entrance in the mornings looking for that specific skirt, that one lost shoe and finally resorting to grabbing something, throwing it on, and rushing out the door to get to work on time. On days like this I realize this morning “routine” seems to set the tone for the day as I find myself constantly trying to play catch up for the entire day. Not only does this affect my mood, but it creates a breeding grounds for stress.
Ladies, I had to find a solution to this insanity.
I knew I had all the right elements for the perfect outfit: Ann Taylor classics, the quirky and colorful Banana Republic pieces, the Coach shoes, handbags, and statement jewelry… but these were not organized in a way that made sense nor were they consistently accessible.
I began by hanging all like items together (skirts, jackets, dresses, tops, etc) but that was not enough. Then I began color coding each section. It was then I realized I did not need another chiffon cream colored top, black dress, or black shoes in my life (to keep in mind next time I go shopping). I also went on Pinterest to find creative ways to display jewelry.
With a little effort, my closets are now organized, my shoes and jewelry are now easily accessible and now I have more time to spend on my hair and make up.
Ladies, when you walk out that door in the morning you put on your best, finished look then as you drive to work notice how many others are at the stop light putting on make up or fixing their hair. This is not pretty nor safe for that matter. You want your morning to be effortless, low stress, and you want the morning routine to set the tone for the day.
Whatever your age, budget, or living situation I encourage you to celebrate yourself each day. Your look IS your celebration of self. You deserve to look and feel great each day. Take control of the closet chaos-your “put together look” is waiting for you!