Our Team of Coaches
All of our life coaches are screened, licensed, professional coaches with years of experience and expertise.
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Life Coach Mandy
Specialty: Life Purpose, Career and relationships Education: Master’s Degree in Counseling, Life Purpose Coach
Style: Compassionate/ Affirming
Years Experience as a Coach: Counseling 18 years and 2+ years as a coach
Mandy is very organized and has a servant’s heart. MA’s biggest asset is her ability to work with all kinds of people and assist them with moving forward.

Life Coach Erin
Specialty: Life Purpose, Christian, Women’s Issues
Education: Life Purpose Coach, Self Employed, Ministry
Style: Kind, Compassionate
Years Experience as a Coach: 2 years
Erin has a willingness to serve and help others. She is an outstanding listener and really cares what is going in your life. Erin is adept at discernment and hearing what is not always said outloud and will help you feel supported on your journey.

Life Coach Carol
Specialty: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adult Education, Safe and Healthy Relationships
Education: M. S., International Criminal Justice Addiction Professional (ICCJP)
Style: Kind, Compassionate
Years Experience as a Coach: 35+ years
Carol approaches each individual with kindness and compassion showing them how their past shaped their present. Her goal is to assist you in realizing the highest level of self-fulfillment and help you replace your negative feelings with a positive self-image and healthy coping skills